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2016 - Small Group 3

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Title:  Big Book Throwdown! (Game Show Format)


Project Authors:


          Name                        School/District                        Email Address

Alice Hanson

Austin High School (El Paso ISD)

ahjuarez@episd.org or ahansonj2010@gmail.com

Kimberly Blessinger

Coronado High School

(El Paso ISD)

kabludwo@episd.org  and coronadolibrary@gmail.com

Pauline Briones

Bowie High School

(El Paso ISD)



Lenny Jaquez

Burges High School

(El Paso ISD)

lxjaquez@email.com, cacharpaslj@gmail.com

Paige Parker

El Paso High School

(El Paso ISD)


Mary Anne Acosta

Andress High School

(El Paso ISD)



Michelle Gutierrez

Chapin High School

(El Paso ISD)




Subject Area and Intended Grade Level:

English; 9-12



Test your students knowledge on books they read through an interactive quiz show. Using the Jeopardy powerpoint template, students will be able to answer questions on five books that they’ve read. Teams (each class) will select one leader to represent the group to speak and buzz in (or paddle up). It will be one class at one location against another class at a different location via videoconferencing with one site hosting.  Who can outwit Alex Trebeck?



Learner Outcomes:

Students will demonstrate comprehension of five books.



An hour



Choose a total of 5  books to use and write questions for use in the game (5 questions per book)



  • 5 Books:

          To Kill a Mockingbird

          The Hunger Games

          The Wrath and the Dawn

          The Handmaid’s Tale

          The Giver

  • "Jeopardy" Game Template-PowerPoint

  • Paddles for each team



Video Conference Agenda:


Go over game show rules and video conferencing etiquette

Game show play.

Wrap up and debrief.


Post Activities:

Reflective journal entry written by student game show participants discussing their thoughts (likes/dislikes, things learned, difficulties) on the gameshow process/experience.


Assessment and Evaluation:

Reflective journal can be used as an assessment to gauge experience.

Oral feedback with students after event ends.


Implementation Plans:

Smaller scale (Spring 2016)

There are 10 schools in the district. Dependent on the amount of volunteers, schools would be divided into 2 even groups.


Librarians would select a teacher at the 9th-grade level (subject to change). The teacher would select a class to participate. 5-10 students would be chosen from the class as participants in the game; the rest of the class can be spectators or assist in role, such as tech facilitator, photographer, etc. There would be a host. The game would be played in a jeopardy-style format.


Larger scale (2017-2018)

  • 20 books

  • 10 schools

  • A point system

  • 1 winner!!!



Sample Game Board:


Big Book Throwdown Template.ppt






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