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Follow Up Days 2016

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Facilitator Info 


Lead Facilitators

Ken Conn, i2i Technologies

Roxanne Glaser, i2i Technologies
Amy Spath, CNYRIC


Time Zone Map

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Follow Up Day Sessions - 2016


Pre-Session Activities - December 15, 2016 

  • Locate, set-up, and test your equipment by connecting with another 123VC Jazz participant and connecting a computer and/or document camera to share content. VC System Troubleshooting Guide



Session Agenda Overview - December 15, 2016

Connection – Prepare an example of what not to do in a video conference to share during the roll call (think about/re-watch “The VC Zone” for ideas)


Roll Call – What Not To Do In A Video Conference


Updates – VC Training Series, Lifesize Cloud Registered User Account & Special Training Session, Follow Up Session #2: Introduction to VC Session


Facilitated Discussion – Related to Feedback from 123VC Jazz Blog Reflections, Planning Forms, Evaluations



Back Channel 

  • TodaysMeet will be used/monitored during the Follow Up Day sessions.



Pre-Session Activities - January/February, 2017

  • Schedule an “Introduction to Video Conferencing” session with Ken and/or Roxanne with a group at your campus (i.e. part of a faculty/team/department meeting & do some type of quick interactive activity like name that tune)



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123VC:  Jazzing Up Your Curriculum with Videoconferening

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