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Day 2 (redirected from Tuesday)

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Lead Facilitators

Ken Conn, i2i Technologies

Roxanne Glaser, i2i Technologies
Amy Spath, CNYRIC


Time Zone Map

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Day 2 Activities


Local Time


Project Simulation - Academic Challenges: Math Marvels


Guest Speakers


Small Group Work - Day 2

  • Cooperative Learning Group Roles

Think through what you know about cooperative learning and group work. Decide who will fill the various roles. Make sure each person has a role. (page 41)


  • Analyzing Interactions

Thinking about the project simulations and content provider sessions:

    • What have we learned so far about best practice with VC and how we can use that in our project?
    • What did we experience with VC so far that we want to try to avoid in our project?
    • How have the sessions shown you how to be interactive and engaging?


  • Choose a Topic

Next, brainstorm possibilities for a project topic and then negotiate together to decide on a topic and the desired outcomes for your project.

  • Explore the Videoconference Project Templates Booklet

Read the following pages: 3, 4, 32-38 before you pick a project template.

Find a project template that will work for your topic. Decide if you will use the template and videoconference agenda as listed, or if you need to adapt it. You may decide to use more than one project template depending on your project.

  • Day 2 Small Group Checklist
    • Do you have an idea of some videoconference best practices to incorporate into your project design?
    • Do you have a project topic selected?
    • Do you have a project template selected?


  • Begin Day 3 Activities (as time allows)


Daily Reflections

What new vocabulary did you learn?

Think about local time, challenge format, guest speakers, group work.


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