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Day 3

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View Daily Schedules 


Facilitator Info 


Lead Facilitators

Ken Conn, i2i Technologies

Roxanne Glaser, i2i Technologies
Amy Spath, CNYRIC


Time Zone Map

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Day 3 Activities


Local Time 

  • Group Picture
  • MysteryQuest Beach Selection
  • MysteryQuest Video 
  • Volunteer Jobs 
    • Communication Specialist (TodaysMeet)
    • Multi-Point Facilitator & Roll Call Leader (page 7)
    • Technical Facilitator (Remote How To) (pages 12-14)
    • Photography (post photos online in Flickr) (page 8)  
  • Prep for Roll Call - Theme Song of the Week
  • Polycom Collaborations Around the Planet (CAPspace(page 16)  
  • Wikis in Plain English Video
  • PBworks Overview (page 10)
  • Year Long Planning Sheet (page 47)  


Project Simulation - MysteryQuest 


Guest Speakers

Small Group Work - Day 3

  • Writing Your Project (page 42)

Now it’s time to start writing your project. You will write a project that you might do next year. You will describe this project during presentations on Thursday afternoon. You are not going to do a full simulation of the project.

    • Divide the responsibilities evenly among your group so that everyone is involved.
    • Use the Google Drive Document instructions under the "How To" tab in the Handbook to assist you.
    • The project write-up should include specific items. (page 43) 


  • Implementation Plans

Draft your ideas of how you might use this project next year. When might you want to do the project? Who will be the lead coordinator? How many classes might participate from each area? What time of year would this project be implemented?


  • Day 3 Small Group Checklist
    • Do you have a Google Drive Document started? Have all members been invited?
    • Do you have a Publisher? Has their PBworks account information been submitted to the lead facilitator?


  • Begin Day 4 Activities (as time allows) 


Daily Reflections

What new vocabulary did you learn?

Think about local time, MysteryQuest project format, Global Nomads Group, group work. 

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