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Day 4

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Lead Facilitators

Ken Conn, i2i Technologies

Roxanne Glaser, i2i Technologies
Amy Spath, CNYRIC


Time Zone Map

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Day 4 Activities


Local Time


Project Simulation - A.S.K. - Authors, Specialists, Knowledge


Small Group Work - Day 4

  • Preparing Your Presentation

Now prepare an advertisement or commercial to share your project to the whole group (all participating sites).

Here are the requirements for your presentation:

    • The presentation should be an advertisement or a commercial for your project.
    • EVERY person MUST speak on camera for a portion of your presentation.
    • Use the document camera to show at least one visual.
    • Publish your project to your Small Group Projects wiki page. Use the PBworks instructions under the "How To" tab in the Handbook to assist you.
    • Presentation must be no longer than 7 minutes.


  • Small Group Implementation Scenarios

So you’ve written a great project in your small group. Now how are you going to actually do it this year? Review potential scenarios for a group with six people. (page 45)


  • Last Minute Group Meetings, Preparation/Practice, & Final Presentations
    • Small groups to meet one last time and finalize any last details.
    • Be sure to practice with the timer to ensure you are within the seven minute time limit.
    • Practice with your visuals. How will you show them?
    • Links to all Small Group Projects
    • Please provide constructive feedback for each group in the comments section.


Daily Reflections

What new vocabulary did you learn?

Think about local time, ASK project format, group work, last four days.

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